This has been a sensational year for our law firm.2015wood

We’ve had the privilege of gaining quite a few new clients, both from the United States and abroad. It truly is a humbling set of emotions to know we’re in a position to help those clients with their cases and just to answer questions about the various things which arise throughout the year. We’re so glad for that opportunity.

Throughout the year, the members of our firm attended meetings of the Commercial Law League of America and the International Association of Commercial Collectors in an effort to keep current on all of the trends in collection law and practices in order to provide the very best representation for our clients. Of special note was gaining membership in the Federation of European National Collection Associations and traveling to Stockholm Sweden to attend their Annual Congress to gain greater insight on how we can better represent our European clients as well as colleagues from other parts of the world that were in attendance. Each of those meetings provided us with solid grounding to add to our knowledge base for international and domestic transactions.

The firm has vastly improved our web presence with a more dynamic website, which is full with blog topics of interest for all of our clients and colleagues in the debt collection industry. Take time to read them and please share with your friends and colleagues in the collection industry.

We added critical staff to improve our overall bench strength for the handling of our case load and we’re now in the process of revamping our software platform to bring it forward with 21st century secure cloud capabilities, which will not only permit us to handle cases in real time anywhere in the world, but to also give our clients real time access to see the notes maintained for each of their cases! That will take some time to implement since all must be transitioned with an infinite amount of care and security, but we’re targeting completion of the project for rollout to our staff and clients during 2016.

While the world swirls around us, sometimes with hardship and sadness, we also take great joy in knowing there is so much good and exciting times ahead for all of us. It is our firm’s wish for all of our clients, friends and colleagues to have a year ahead in health, prosperity and safety. We’ll be thinking of each of them and hope they’ll reserve a few good thoughts for us in return.

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